Alt Pizza - Best Pizza in Singapore

Alt Pizza is so good I visited twice in two weeks. Incredibly sexy Chef Matthew White has left Extra Virgin Pizza to start his own joint – and yes, he has some tricks left up his sleeves. The hard-to-find joint is small, cozy, and fun: a samsui woman in the pose of “We Can Do It” poster. Hilarious headlines on old “newspapers” under the pizzas. Hipster music like Jack Johnson, John Mayer, Jason Mraz, although I guarantee you the joint is not at all pretentious.

I prefer menus to be kept small like Alt Pizza’s: starters, pizzas, beer and wine. There were salads, and since I was on a diet, I ordered calamari ($10) and wagyu short rib meatballs ($12), to go with my wonderfully fruity Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat ($10), a sweet light beer, easy for almost-teetotalers like me. The calamari was very tasty, with its creamy chipotle lime aioli dip, but was a tad limp–could be fresher. The meatballs was delicious too: had a nice chewy texture, and went well with the zesty organic tomato sauce.